Where can I DONATE?

The list below is our best effort to find local opportunities to give your discards a second life. We have limited the list below to Amesbury, Newburyport, and Salisbury. Please note:

  1. We implore you to contact all of the organizations listed below before taking your donations to confirm they will accept your items. Some items are only accepted seasonally or as space allows. To avoid frustration and any chance of wasted time and miles, please call or email before making your visit.
  2. We have a MUCH broader list available in spreadsheet form for organizations that take many more items but are farther away. If you have lots of kids items (Community Giving Tree in Boxford), furniture (The Furniture Bank in Lynn or Fresh Start in Marlborough), or craft items (EXTRAs in Peabody or Beverly Bootstraps), or other items, please email us at TowardZeroWasteNewburyport@outlook.com with Donation List in the subject line to receive the full list of donation and consignment opportunities we have found.
  3. If you know of another organization or have additional/newer information on any of the organizations below, please let us know so we can keep up to date!