WANTED: Technology for Underserved Students!


Saturday 7 NOVEMBER 2020

Questions to clarify or information not covered here are welcome by emailing TowardZeroWasteNewburyport@outlook.com.

What: An opportunity for Newburyport residents to donate desktops, laptops, monitors, phones, and tablets for Project Boom at the Newburyport Recycling Center

When: Saturday 7 November from 9am – 12noon, during Newburyport Recycling Center’s First Saturday

Where: Newburyport Recycling Center, 23 Colby Farm Lane (straight across Low Street from North Atkinson Street)

Why: To get technology to underserved students in distance learning situations.

Who: Anyone with desktops, laptops, monitors, phones, and tablets that could be repaired or tweaked to provide online access for students.

How: Residents bring appropriate items to the Newburyport Recycling Center for drop off. We ask, if possible, to bring individual items in paper or plastic bags to help keep chargers and units together.


  1. What COVID protocols will you have in place?
    • No mask, No service – even in your vehicle if your window is down.
    • All volunteers will be masked.
    • All items must be accessible from trunk. We cannot have volunteers emptying items from backseats.
    • Ideally, no need for residents to exit vehicle.
  2. Can I get a tax credit receipt?
    • Unfortunately, no

3. What if I want something – can I come shop?

NO! This is a drop off for this non-profit only. All items brought will go directly to Project Boom.

4. What if I don’t live in Newburyport?

No problem! The more we can collect for Project Boom, the better!

5. What about data privacy?

Project Boom provides instructions on how to clear your device(s) of data here. Further, Project Boom students erase all data using industry standard tools on arrival. Questions on this can be directed to moe@projectboom.org

6. What if my device doesn’t work?

Project Boom has repair techs ready to fix most minor problems and use parts from different systems. That said, if you device is seven years or older or has had catastrophic damage (especially water damage), please wait to bring your item to a responsible electronics recycling center or event. Again, this event is NOT a drop off for old electronics/electronics recycling.