Shredded Paper

Are you certain it needs to be shredded?

  • Shredding devalues the fibers for recycling
    • Too short and thus can only be used for certain secondary products
    • Cannot be put in single stream recycling not only because it has no value but it becomes “paper mache” when mixed with any moisture in the recycling stream. If it stays dry, it still cannot be sorted with current sorting technology and often blows out the trash truck or off the sorting line and can jam equipment.
  • Would blacking out or tearing out private information be enough?

 If your paper must be shredded – Responsible diversions from trash

  • Secondary uses:
    • Packing material
    • Chicken coops and pet rodent cages
      • Then compost!
    • Compost
      • Backyard (a great brown!)
      • Curbside organics collection through Black Earth
      • City organics drop off at Water Treatment Facility In small quantities in paper or compostable bags.
    • Bring to a shredding day – through the city, usually during Household Hazardous Waste Day in September or at local banks, usually in May after tax season.
      • Shredded paper that is collected by shredding companies is, in fact, recyclable because it is a “clean” stream — gets “downcycled” into short-fiber products like paper towels, etc.
    • Bring to city hall – in any bag! (paper or plastic)