REFUSE/REDESIGN: Extended Producer Responsibility sample letters

Please feel free to use and edit to your liking – let manufacturers know that we demand sustainable products and packaging!

I am a long-time user of <<your product>>. I would like to continue to be a committed and consistent customer but am adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle. To that end, I have learned that <<your product>> are not accepted in our curbside recycling program.

I would like to know if you have or plan to have any type of “take back” program or alternative recycling recommendations. As I mentioned, I love your product and would love to continue to be a loyal customer if you can provide a responsible diversion stream for the residual materials and packaging.

 I am a consumer of your teas & I live Zero Waste What should I do with your infusion tea bags after use given that throwing it “away” is not an option? What are the infusion tea bags made of? Are they certified compostable?

If not, what are you plans for moving from a linear to circular product lifecycle?

Hoping to stay your customer,

I love your teas – and love that your tea bags are compostable! Wondering if the outer package that holds the tea bag is recyclable in curbside recycling. It feels like it has a plastic lining so I have hesitated to put them in the recycling bin for fear of contamination. But now have been drinking so much that it is the primary material in my trash.

I see that it is made of 70% recycled content – but can it go in curbside collections?

To Whom It May Concern:

Your recent mailer, pictured below, has had the opposite intended effect on me. I will not be a customer of Jordan’s Furniture when you practice irresponsible marketing — using plastic instead of paper and labeling it as recyclable.

As you may or may not know, RIC #7 (resin identification code) merely means that it is not one of the defined #1-6 RICs and is thus of little, if any, value. Further, due to the shape of your mailer is it likely to either harm recycling sorting equipment, contaminate a load of good plastics, or worse, get sorted as a fiber material (cardboard) and contaminate a load.

There is too much plastic in the world today and your unnecessarily adding to it is very very very disappointing.

Your product is great, my puppy loved it, but I live Zero Waste. I see on your packaging that is says, “Please Recycle” but how? Film plastics are not permitted in curbside recycling in most of the US and only #2 and #4 film plastics are permitted at film plastic drop offs.

Could you please clarify what type of film plastic you use for your Himalayan chews?

Is there a way to order them in bulk and with no packaging?

Hi, I love your products but have recently taken a pledge of Zero Waste. I was SUPER DISAPPOINTED to see that you have a #7 RIC with the recycling symbol on your packaging, leaving customers to think that your pouches are recyclable.

I have purchased for myself and my mother and really appreciate the comfort they provide. I would like to do OOFOS as my go-to holiday present for friends and family, especially with the breast cancer styles but…

  1. Once OOFOS products have lived their useful life (4-6 months as I understand from your website), how does one responsibly dispose of them? They are not recyclable through conventional municipal means, clearly. I saw nothing on your site about a take-back program. I cannot purchase any more products that do not have extended producer responsibility for end-of-product-life. I hope there is something I missed…
  2. The “hook” that the OOFOS come with show a recycling symbol on the back – but no number (resin code) and thus are not acceptable in regular municipal curbside recycling. What is the resin code and why is it not included? Would you consider changing your hook to a renewable material like cardboard?

Thank you for your kind attention to these questions. I look forward to being a repeat customer and extreme gift-giver of your product if they can fit with my efforts to minimize waste.

Long time, multiple product fan with a problem! I have scores and scores of your plastic containers since I use several of your products daily (I might even use Energy too much). Kudos that they are fully recyclable but…

I have recently (2019 resolution) taken a pledge to not bring any “virgin plastic” into my home and to find ways to drastically reduce my recycling given the costs to my community. In trying to live higher on the Refuse/Reduce/Reuse/Repurpose continuum, I am trying to justify continuing to be your customer by finding ways to reuse the containers. Do you have any ideas?

Two things I have thought of (using as reusable gift “boxes” or as containers for a special dog treat I like to make) are somewhat ruined by your hot-stamping of the brand on the lids and the difficulty of getting the labels of your containers. Have you/would you consider evaluating different packaging, especially the lid, to use labels instead of hot-stamping? I have to believe it would be much cheaper to manufacture as well.

I am nearly out of my Olly supply of all my favorites and, per my resolution, will not be able to restock until I find a diversion stream of high utility than recycling. Any ideas or thoughts you have would be great to hear.