Holiday Gift Bag Grab


Saturday (12 December)

9am – 11am

In an effort to decrease the consumption, waste, and to promote re-use, Toward Zero Waste Newburyport is holding a Holiday Gift Bag Grab at the Newburyport Recycling Center.

What: Save time, money, and resources by visiting the Gift Bag Grab to get reusable gift bags for your holiday presents. Have too many gift bags? We can help you find those in need!

  • NOTE: we have TONS of tissue paper to fill the bags and lots of ribbon to tie on gift tags!

 Where: Newburyport Recycling Center on Colby Farm Lane

 When:  Saturday (12 December) from 9am – 11am**. Gift Bag Grab ONLY – no other drop offs

** We will be there until 11am OR until we have given away all of our supplies, whichever comes first!

 Why: The consumption and waste generated during the last ~six weeks of the year is truly astounding. Please save time, money, and resources by taking advantage of this opportunity!


  1. We have LOTS of bags that are NOT holiday centric – you are welcome to take these as well for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc.
  2. Have bags to give or want bags but cannot make the event? Please post to any number of peer-to-peer platforms to exchange (Freecycle, NextDoor, and numerous Facebook groups including Newburyport Curb Alert.) Email if you need help with this!
  3. You do NOT need to return the paper gift bags in this program! We just hope that you – or your giftee! – will do your best to keep reusing to assist in our goal of minimizing waste.